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Outreach thru Faith

The mission of Growing Discoveries Outreach Ministries is to bring the Gospel to the unreached people of the world. It is our desire to lift people from every walk of life. It is our prayer that this ministry grows and God raises up more men and women to reach the entire world for His kingdom. He will supply the men and women whose vision will not be aimed by titles or name and positions, but will fulfill the challenge to reach the world as one body and one team for our God through the preaching of the un-compromised word of God in season and out of season as God Himself apportions grace to each one.


We also pray that children yet unborn will catch the vision and reach the lost souls here in the U.S, and beyond. That our seed too shall be mighty in the earth should the Lord tarry His imminent return.


The Great Commission of Christ remains our challenge, evangelism our goal. We have a vision to carry the gospel to everyone that is lost, we have a mission of love and compassion, and we must reach the lost. Piercing the night with the light of truth, pointing the way to the cross, we must reach the lost. It is our prayer that everyone who gives his life to Christ through our ministry will have this same vision of evangelism as his main aim.






1.    To preach the un-compromised message of the Gospel in all parts of the world - evangelism our main occupation.


2.    To establish a local church that will reach out to our community, our county our state and the world. Our main intent will be the teaching of the Word of God and strengthening of families, morality and human dignity aiding our community in Christian service.


3.    To train, ordain and license and disciple candidates for the work of the gospel ministry.


4.    To establish and maintain parochial, Bible Institutes, training centers, and other religious oriented institutions such as prayer and healing schools, day care, and vocations schools as the Lord so leads us.


5.    To print, publish and distribute religious materials.


6.    To engage in social and community work that restores dignity to people. To establish and maintain facilities for those in need and under privileged such as transitional housing and homeless shelters.


7.    To promote a sense of understanding and mutual co-operations among the generality of Christians irrespective of their denominational affiliation, race, social status, sex, age, or handicap.


8.    To allow others to affiliate/ associate and join with this ministry who have like vision and unity of purpose both nationally and abroad, joining together to fulfill the great commission of Jesus Christ.


To provide a structure of order that will both protect and liberate and bring guidance, alliance and accountability as well as fellowship for those enlisted in God’s service.