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Usher Ministry


Ushers Ministry
Ushers "Keepers of God's Door"

The work of the church ushers is undergirded by scripture found in Psalms 84:10 –"For a day in thy courts is better than a thousand. I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness.


Ushers are often the first voice and the first interaction visitors experience at a church. They are responsible for bringing comfort, compassion and the spirit of God’s blessings to all who enter the church doors. Their overall mission is to be of service to the church family when needed in order to further the Lord’s message of loving one another even as God has loved us. Ushers fulfil their mission by:


  • Greeting people as they enter the service;

  • Ensuring that worship services are orderly by determining when people enter the sanctuary, directing people to seats, providing guidance for worshippers during the offertory period, and minimizing people walking about during service;

  • Assisting worshippers, as needed, to be comfortable and to have the necessary tools during service, e.g. hymnals, church bulletins/programs, tissues, fans, offering envelopes, or, at times, water;

  • Answering questions; and,

  • Representing the First Missionary Baptist Church when assisting the ushers at other local church services/programs and at association and convention functions.



About US



God's work starts here!



In the spring of 1845, a slave gathered enough courage to ask his master to allow him to form a church for the slaves to worship.  This was a bold move, because slaves were thought of as chattel, and were bought and sold at will.  The slave’s name was Rev. Wilson Brown. Rev. Brown with the help of his master Major Fields, and a white Baptist minister, on the first Thursday night in April 1845, established the First Negro Baptist Church.  Although they didn’t have a building in which they could meet for services. So all gathered on May 2, 1847, and assemble what is called a brush arbour.


The location was Tenth and Spring Street in Little Rock, Arkansas.  God bless the congregation to grow and gave them another miracle, a new building on the corner of Seventh and Gaines Street, which is still the site of the church today. Our Church is the pillar of the community and will continue to grow as the congregation grows.  The future is bright with blessing of God and its congregation, First Missionary Baptist Church will always be: "A Spiritual Torch, A Haven of Rest, A Beacon of Hope.”


First Missionary Baptist has also had World leaders speak from its pulpit. In April 1963, four months to the day of the famous “I Have a Dream Speech", Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave 118th anniversary sermon.  In 1990, only months before announcing his presidential aspirations, the Governor William (Bill) Jefferson Clinton gave a rousing 145th church anniversary address.


First Missionary Baptist has been a springboard that catapulted these men in the world spotlight.  God has truly blessed this church and continues to show His presence to us. Our heritage is great, our faith is even strong, but our mission is greater as we complete the work started by our biblical ancestors.


Our Mission to continue to reach people to save their souls is always priority in God’s work.  God’s Work Starts Here!